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While many people are setting resolutions that involve a new gym membership or a new diet to look better, let’s change that mindset. Let’s set our goals to feeling better with overall better health and wellness.

When you Google hemp extract/CΒD you might notice a trend on why people are using it: Sleep, Pain, and Anxiety seem to be at the top of the list. Getting better sleep, easing pain, and reducing stress and anxiety, in my opinion, would be solid achievements for this new decade. What do you think?

“better sleep, easing pain, and reducing stress and anxiety

Sleep & Insomnia

Taking hemp extract prior to sleep has increased quality of sleep and decrease insomnia according to a couple case studies reported by the American Sleep Association(1.). An article from HuffPost(2.) noted that CΒD acts on receptors in the brain to calm and promote relaxation which in turn aids in the process of going to sleep.

Pain Management

The reported pain management and anti-inflammatory properties are some of the most popular reasons for CΒD usage. Medical News Today wrote an article(3.) that included a brief list of studies that showed in favor of reducing arthritis pain and inflammation, reducing the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, and helping with pain management in individuals who have chronic pain.
Stress & Anxiety

Similar to how it aids in sleep, the calming properties help with stress and anxiety. Did you know that Consumer Reports reported back in April 2019(4.) that 26% of Americans use CΒD products?  Over one third of those users use it to address stress and anxiety, and well over half of those users, according to Consumer Report, say that it is very effective.

So, all that being said, let’s start this new year on the right foot. Whether it is getting more active, getting more sleep, or letting go of some stress let’s do it.

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